Book Review: 100 Sideways Miles

Andrew Smith has quickly become one of my top favorite authors this year. His characters are honest and relatable, and their stories are always engaging. 100 Sideways Miles is no exception.

Finn Easton understands time in miles instead of minutes. He can’t remember much from his life before a freak accident in which a dead horse fell from a bridge and left him epileptic and killed his mother. There’s always a possibility that he’s an alien straight from the one hugely successful science fiction novel his father published.

There are two people that matter the most to Finn – his crazy friend Cade Hernandez, and the first girl he’s ever loved, Julia Bishop. When Julia leaves California to move back to Chicago, Finn is devastated. He’s too depressed to even get out of bed, but he and Cade had made plans to visit their college of choice in Oklahoma and he knows it’s his only chance to get a break.

And what would a coming of age story be without a life-changing event? On the trip, the boys become unlikely heroes after another unexpected accident and learn that it’s okay to take a detour from what’s planned.

100 Sideways Miles is a great book about friendship, accepting who you are and finding your own way. Finn and Cade have a unique, unbreakable friendship that, for me, really made the book so great. Cade's always coming up with ways to describe the scar that was left on Finn's back after the accident with the horse. This scar connects Finn to his father's book (along with his name), and though it has come to define him in some ways, Cade helps Finn get past it.