Author Night (a.k.a. College Night) at the Library

Tip: If you want to ensure your program audience participates in Q&A time, have a college professor offer extra credit to students for attending and asking questions.

Tuesday night, we invited YA/middle grade writers Brian Farrey, Wendy Delsol and Kelly Barnhill for an Author Night at the library. Posters in the library and at businesses around town, press releases, social media - we pushed it as much as we could. We were pretty thrilled to bring these authors to the library. It was a big investment for our medium-ish sized library. We had nine people show up...

I'm not complaining, though, because eight of those people were college students seeking extra credit for a class, and they each had very good questions for the authors. My youth librarian and I prepared questions beforehand, but we didn't have to use a single one! The authors' responses were brilliant, honest and filled an hour and fifteen minutes. I think the students learned a lot about writing and getting published and hopefully gained an interest in the authors' works - which was half the purpose.

So a big THANK YOU to Brian, Wendy and Kelly for coming all the way to little 'ol Oskaloosa for our Author Night!