2012 in Review

I seriously can't believe how quickly the past three months have flown by...or this year for that matter! I'd thought I'd finally take some time away from my busy new life as a library director to update this blog with a review of the past 12 months. I promise to be as concise as possible and keep it to one post! I'll start with the books I've read. Along with GoodReads, I started using Pinterest to keep track of my reading history - it's a wonderfully visual way to look back on what I've discovered. Click here to check out my "Books I've Read 2012" board.
My favorites would have to have been John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood, and Karen Thompson Walker's The Age of Miracles.

My life has proven to be nearly as adventurous as some my reading choices this year. In April, as I was celebrating my 27th birthday, I had to say goodbye to a wonderful coworker whose wake was the evening of the same day. My first year and a half at the Lawrence Public Library, I got to work a lot with Olga, the interlibrary loan specialist. Her wit and smile were contagious - she was one of the reasons I enjoyed working at LPL so much. As summer approached, I prepared to express my love and commitment to my husband, Nate, in front of my family and friends - and it was extra special to have my good friend, Becky, my two brothers, and my current supervisor, Lynn, stand up with me as my guests of honor. At the end of August came another big change: I applied for and was offered my first director position at the Oskaloosa Public Library, and Nate and I packed up our things and moved to Iowa!

The changes didn't stop there! Because we weren't able to get out of our lease in Lawrence, we decided to stay with Nate's parents - who live about 30 minutes away from Oskaloosa. Thankfully they kindly agreed to let us stay rent free until we either found a subleaser or got out the lease, as long as we helped out with groceries and necessities. However, we quickly realized our allotted space was a little too constricting, and my Cat, Echo, wasn't getting along with the feline locals - Sissy and Zoey. So we bought a house! A beautiful two story, four bedroom, two bathroom turn of the century home. We actually closed yesterday, and Nate and I spent the evening and a good part of the night transferring our stuff again, unpacking, hanging picture frames and putting together our bed. We're now looking forward to the new year - and many more - in our new residence!


  1. Many congrats on the new house! Hope moving was (relatively) painless and that you're settled in in no time.

  2. What a year! Congrats on all your new adventures. And the new house is a-dor-a-ble! I'm finally going to commit to reading The Fault in Our Stars this month. I purchased it, so I have no excuses. It must be done. I hope all is well with you and Nate in Iowa. Best wishes in the new year!

  3. Congratulations , William, on your new house. I wish you a more wonderful year in 2013. I really liked your reading list and I think The fault in Our Stars is amazing. Very entertaining, thought provoking and yet humorous. I laughed and cried my way through this lovely book that tackles a difficult subject with incredible grace. John Green is such an amazing author and after reading his first novel, Looking For Alaska, I felt the need to read every book he'd ever written. I couldn't put this book down.
    I hope you share with us your to read list for 2013.

    Jeff Rivera
    Bestselling Author

  4. How lovely! Congratulations on your marriage and new home and new life and thank you for the book recommendations! All the best in 2013


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