An Update...Finally

Where do I begin? I haven't posted about what I've been reading in a while. After a Harry Potter re-reading binge in which I read straight through the fourth book, I moved on to Alison McGhee's Falling Boy. Ready for something a little less fantastical, I was satisfied with the story of sixteen year old Joseph, paralyzed and having trouble coming to terms with his new wheelchair bound life and the accident that brought it on. Zap, a coworker at the bakery Joseph works at, and his strange little sister Enzo, who wants to believe Joseph's a superhero, inadvertently help him get there through their interest in his past. I loved the characters and couldn't put the book down til the end.

From there, I moved on to Veronica Roth's Divergent and Insurgent at the suggestion of my administrative assistant and cataloger. Another dystopian trilogy, the Divergent novels follow Beatrice - or Tris - Prior, as she leaves the selfless Abnegation faction she grew up in to join the Dauntless, a group of people who live for thrill. However, this transition is just the start of her problems, as she discover's she's a Divergent - someone who shows aptitude for more than one faction. My cataloger said she enjoyed these much more than The Hunger Games. I personally can't say I feel the same; however, I did enjoy them. The second got a little slow for me - I kept wanting a little more action, but got very little til the end. I'm still looking forward to the conclusion to the trilogy though.

Things at my new library couldn't be going better. Not only do I have a great staff to work with, but a wonderfully supportive Friends of the Library group and an incredible Board of Trustees. The past month has flown by, with my keeping busy with collection development, learning the budget, and getting to know the community. I've been working on a couple of projects that I'm excited to present to the board, projects that I hope will help increase the library's visibility and relevancy in the community. One of those is a redesign of the logo - I've already shown my idea to the staff, and they've seemed pretty receptive. I'm looking forward to the tasks and challenges ahead - one of which came a little sooner than expected.

After my staff meeting a few weeks ago, my Children's Librarian, Mrs. Fox, handed me her letter of intent to retire. Mrs. Fox has been with the library for nearly thirty years and has built a strong relationship with the parents, teachers and children of the community. I spent all of last week shadowing her - following her to preschool and elementary school classes and observing her storytimes and activities. Because I value the work she does, I want to make sure the library continues to live up to the level of service that she has provided for the community. I'm now working with the Friends of the Library, the Library Board, and the local Parent Teacher Organization to put together a reception for her so we all can thank her and wish her well in her retirement.