More Love Across the Genres!

My "Love Across the Genres" display is now up, featuring many love themed titles from our collection, from general fiction to horror to westerns! Now, I kind of went back on my promise about not including hearts on the display...but there's only three! Inspired by a photo I've seen around the internet, I took four black and white pictures of my hand in the shape of L, O, V and E, printed and pasted them to a large piece of white foam core, and hand wrote "across the genres" below it. Very simple, but I think it has a nice effect. To top it off, I did, admittedly, scribble a couple of red hearts on it. Not too overly mushy, right?

And as I promised in the last post, I'll go ahead and share a few more of my favorite loves stories, starting with Harry Potter! Now I didn't put any of the Harry Potter books on the display, mainly because they're in the children's collection, but also because it may have been a little bit of a stretch for some. When you think of Valentine's day, you think of romance and relationships, and though there is some of that in the saga, people will mostly think of a "Good Vs. Evil" theme. However, I think J.K. Rowling's seven book saga demonstrates that love is the greatest magic of all, as that idea not only comes straight from Professor Dumbledore's mouth, but in the plot itself. Saved by his mother's self-sacrificial love, Harry survives Lord Voldemort's attempts to kill and then bring harm to him. It is in turn Harry's own self-sacrificial love that ultimately defeats Voldemort and saves the wizarding world from the Dark Lord's evil. It was my goal, though, to include this and other types of love when considering titles to add to the display.

The theme of self-sacrificial love continues in my next selection, the film Dancer in the Dark. Björk stars as the young Czechoslovakian mother, Selma Jezkova, who emigrated to the United States with her twelve year old son, Gene. Suffering from a disease that will eventually lead to the loss of her sight, Selma works day and night at a factory, trying to save up enough money for an operation for her son that will prevent him from going blind from the same condition. However, when her trusted landlord, who's also a cop with a wife who has an expensive taste, steals her savings, Selma is forced to make a decision that has serious consequences. Selma's love for her son, and her secret passion for musicals, helps heal her and prepare her for the worst. The most touching line in the movie is her response when a friend asks why she had Gene knowing he would go blind. She said, "I just wanted to hold a baby."

The last title I'll share is one that does fit a little bit better into the whole Valentine's love thing. Though still not a definite romance, Kevin Brockmeier's The Illumination demonstrates the different ways love can affect human beings. After the mysterious "Illumination" begins, in which every inflicted or received wound begins to shimmer and glow with an odd light, a fatal accident causes a journal of love notes written by a husband for his wife to pass through the hands of six strangers. "I love the soft blue veins on your wrist. I love your lopsided smile. I love watching TV and shelling sunflower seeds with you." The journal, a collection of endearments the husband wrote each morning before leaving for work, touches and changes each reader differently, and demonstrates how everyone is connected in Brockmeier's strange new world where pain is visible as light.

Now that I've shared some of my favorite love stories, I'm curious about my readers! Comment below and tell me what yours are!