Some guys are only about that thing, that thing, that thing!

It's an all too familiar story. Guy goes to house party 'cause he heard a real hottie's gonna be there. Guy gets smashed. Guy approaches said hottie, drunkenly professes his love to her and throws himself on her. Said hottie freaks and flees.

In the last post, I said that I would probably find some reason to dislike Vinicius, the nephew of the spoiled Roman nobleman, Petronius, in Henryk Sienkiewicz's Quo Vadis. It didn't take long. After learning of Petronius's scheme to have Ligia sequestrated by Nero, the Roman Emperor, Vinicius planned to comfort and woo her at a celebratory feast that Nero held at his palace. And some party it turned out to be. A drunken orgy, as to which it was actually referred. Needless to say, Vinicius drank a little bit too much wine and came on quite strongly, which understandably upset Ligia, who was just beginning to discover some feelings for the poor drunken lad.

Now I'm really curious as to how this will turn out. Hopefully, Ligia will have enough sense to stay away from Vinicius. However, it will probably be the case that Vinicius will do something heroic and Ligia will swoon and fall in love again. Then again, maybe her neo-Christian perspective and values will keep her on the straight and narrow. Either way, it will be interesting and enlightening to see how Sienkiewicz treats the female character. Will his views on the sexes be different than those held during the reign of the Roman Empire? Or will he satisfy the typical male chauvinistic archetype?

I have to admit, when I first picked up the book and flipped through its pages, I thought Quo Vadis was going to bore me to tears. And the first few pages didn't convince me otherwise. However, I'm happy to say that it's actually turned out to be a very engaging read, and despite my unfavorable feelings for some of the main characters, I somewhat enjoying the storyline. So maybe I can understand how it came to be considered one of history's greatest best sellers.