Gossip? Girl, that ain't no good

The other night, I actually got up at 3:30 a.m. and finished The Great Galeoto! Though I've never been a huge fan of reading plays (I'd much rather see them), I kind of enjoyed reading this one. Something I didn't quite pick up on in the first 50 pages of the play became the focal point of the entire plot, and as finally I gained understanding, I became more interested. I don't recall ever being so engaged while reading a play.

In the last post, I explained that Don Severo thought that Ernest was taking advantage of Don Julian and Teodora's hospitality. In actuality, Severo and his wife, Mercedes, who for some reason hold a grudge against Ernest, started spreading the vicious rumor that Ernest was having an affair with Teodora. To avoid further trouble, Ernest moves out of Don Julian's and gets his own apartment. Hearing a viscount announce the rumor and insult Teodora in a club, Ernest quickens to anger and schedules a dual with the man to defend Teodora's honor. Don Julian, initially ignorant of the rumor, hears of Ernest plans and intervenes, dueling the viscount himself. Bleeding and near death and newly aware of Ernest's and Teodora's supposed affair, he's taken to Ernest's only to find Teodora hiding in the bedroom of the apartment. This ultimately convinces Don Julian of the rumor.

In the introduction to the edition, Elizabeth Hunt discussed the title, explaining that Galeoto is a reference to the go-between for Queen Guinevere and Lancelot. In the play, "They," or the general public, are the Galeoto who gossip and spread the rumor which eventually spoils Don Julian's happiness. What bothered me was that Don Julian didn't even bother to ask for Ernest's and Teodora's explanation as to why she was in the apartment--to figure out how to dispel the rumor and convince people they weren't in love. But I guess half the trouble was caused by Teodora hiding in Ernest's bedroom.

Now, on to the my next Nobel read, which, I'm excited to say, is available at my place of work, Lawrence Public Library! But that's another post!