My Year in Review

Mortal Kombat!

Poetry Social: "Traditions"

I'm just a simple librarian in a high tech digital world

Mmmm! Tater tot casserole!

You're never too old for Seuss!

The perfect place to be

Some guys are only about that thing, that thing, that thing!

The curse (or blessing) of miscommunication

A Few of My Favorite Things

Quo Vadis or Whither goest thou?

"Book, book, book!"

eBooks and Audiobooks, Oh My!

They should really call it "Frantic Friday"

A Librarian's Thanksgiving

About me and my path to librarianship

Gossip? Girl, that ain't no good

No way, José!

Language matters and a love story

Je ne suis pas abandonner!

Bjørnson's Melodiousness ness ness

Digte og Sange I Can Read!

When in Rome...

Mr. Mommsen's History

Sully's Yearnings

Is your vase brisé?