Board Games and Things!

There's something new for checkout at my library: board games! We recently launched a circulating collection of popular and classic games, a further step in exploring the national "Library of Things" trend by lending more nontraditional items. We've had board games available for in-house use for years now, but letting them leave the library is a brand new endeavor.

We've started with 45 games, including popular hits like Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity as well as classics like Jenga and Uno. Patrons can checkout one at a time and have them for two weeks, with a renewal option if no one is waiting.

Why Board Games? Last Fall, I organized a subcommittee to explore the "Library of Things" concept and brainstorm how we could get started at LPL. We chatted with Brendan at the Hillsboro Public Library who oversees their Library of Things. They lend everything from looms and ukuleles to bubble machines and popcorn makers, and Brendan mentioned that…

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